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Jose Villanueva (Lleida, 1941) is qualified as an abstract expressionist who has spent long periods in different European countries, notably in France where he inquired about the bohemian artist existentialism. He has exhibited throughout Europe and among his clients is the Royal family, the Rothschild, Miele and so on. Currently he has his studio/gallery in the center of Madrid.

La obra

The work

Although the works of Jose Villanueva are part of figurative art with recognizable characters and scenery, we can not deny the presence of modernity and the various schools of the twentieth century in his paintings.

Paleta del artista

Drawings, cubist and impressionist colors, the strength of the stroke and the load matérica abstraction; expressionism even force some features almost pop and influence of new figuration schools from the 60 fund rectangles in bright colors and defined naive lines and defining forms.

The search of the artist is in all directions. Strength, color, life, art, a group that meets in the paintings of Jose Villanueva, an approach to the energy of the author.

Manos del artista

The artist

Jose Villanueva was born in Lérida in 1941. Due to the reading of books, such as "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac and Albert Camus' The Stranger "goes to Paris to inquire about existentialism and bohemia.

José Villanueva Berruezo

In Montmartre district of painters, in "La Place du Tertre" he stays there for eleven years, exept two of them travelling to Italy on several tryps. He has exhibited in several European countries. He was related in the 60s with the existentialist circles, moving in groups of Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Camus.

Qualified as an abstract expressionist painter, critics have compared his work with Kirchner, without forgetting the clear influence of Dix and Grosz.

In Madrid, he has been long in the main square, where it no longer works, having his studio in the Cava San Miguel 4.


In memoriam

Last January José Villanueva left us an artist who lived by and for painting. The operation of his gallery in Madrid will continue in the hands of his wife and daughter.

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Gallery of José Villanueva


Studio: Cava San Miguel nº6 Madrid
Home: C/Colegiata 14-1ºdcha, ext

Email: josevillanuevaberruezo@gmail.com
Phones: 603 374 369 / 91 364 10 93

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